The Process

Our aim is to guide you through the pros and cons of transferring away from a guaranteed pension for life, into an arrangement that gives you much more flexibility.

We provide a free initial consultation so that we can help you to make an informed decision about whether a transfer analysis is the best way forward.

A transfer analysis is a much more in-depth look at the value of your existing benefits. We mirror them against a personal arrangement to identify what is known in the industry as a critical yield – a critical yield helps you to understand what returns the new pension plan needs to deliver to match the benefits in the existing final salary scheme.

High critical yields of say 10% plus would likely result in us saying no to you transferring your Final Salary Pension, whereas lower yields of say 5% would be a more attractive proposition for you to make a transfer.

Many people will be best advised to remain in a final salary arrangement, and so we need to be clear that it is not a one size fits all strategy.