Pension Calculator

Age Retirement Age 60 Retirement Age 65
40 22x 19x
45 23x 20x
50 24x 21x
55 25x 22x
60 26x 23x
60 n/a 24x

How much could my pension be worth on transfer?

To calculate this you first need to establish what your annual amount of pension income is in today’s terms. The table above is a sample of fair value multipliers and you need to take the pension income figure and multiply accordingly.

Many transfer values are far higher than this guide and it is also important to note that these tables are base on the following criteria attaching: 

  • You are married
  • You are in normal health
  • Your scheme will provide an RPI linked pension
  • On death you will have a 50% spouses pension

Some additional questions you need to consider before you decide on your next steps: 

  • Your current pension provides a guaranteed income for life, are you happy to give this up?
  • How would you feel if after a transfer your new pension fund lost a lot of value because of adverse investment conditions?
  • Why do you want to transfer now?