Our Fees

Our aim is to be completely transparent and up front regarding anything that will be charged to our clients, so there are no hidden surprises or unexpected fees at any time.

The first step is to provide you with a free initial consultation. If after this consultation it transpires that a full analysis of your existing benefits is worthwhile in order to establish whether a transfer is right for you then you will be charged fees, which can be deducted from the pension being transferred.

Typically you will be charged £750 for the transfer analysis. If a full transfer takes place this fee is waived.

If your final pension is transferred to a private arrangement (usually known as a Self-Invested Personal Pension/ Sipp) the fees will be capped at 1.5% for transfers between 300k – 500k and lower for 500k+

We will then provide ongoing advice, which will be managed by our umbrella company Investax Limited.