About Us

As an independent company, we clearly set our focus on our clients’ best interests. We are not attached to a larger firm or organisation, and this enables us to maintain our objectivity at all times and provide our clients with the best possible advice to help them to achieve their personal and business goals.

Both Stephen and Martin have extensive experience around all aspects of retirement, investment and financial planning. Our collaborative approach is a combination of Stephen’s tax and accountancy skills and Martin’s pensions expertise. Rarely will you find this combination in one company; that’s why we are uniquely placed to help you achieve your goals in your lifetime and outline the risks and benefits associated with transferring a final salary pension scheme.

Our approach to each client is as unique as they are. There’s no formula or pattern. Our methodology is tailored to each of our clients’ individual circumstances, aspirations, attitude to risk and goals. We will provide you with a clear financial direction that helps us to understand your objectives, and whether a Final Salary Pension transfer is the right option for you.