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The Factors That Will Influence Your Transfer Value

A defined benefit pension transfer is the sums paid from a defined benefit pension or final salary pension scheme when a member chooses to withdraw their entitlement. Usually, this cash sum transfer...

Is A Final Salary Transfer The Right Option For You

What is a final salary pension transfer? If you are nearing retirement, you might be considering the best solution on how to move from a life of work. With a variety of options to choose from, a...

The Top Advantages of Defined Benefit Scheme

Rather than depending directly on individual investment returns, a defined benefit pension scheme is a specified pension payment, lump-sum on retirement or a combination thereof, promised by the...

Final Salary Transfer Explained

With a Defined Benefit (DB pension scheme, the amount of pension you will receive upon retirement is based on how long you worked for your employer and the salary you earned. A DB pension has...


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